Dennis Brown


Dennis Brown was a famous Jamaican reggae artist who began singing at a very early age. Dennis Brown was one of the more popular reggae musicians from Jamaica, and he produced over 70 albums before his death in 1999.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica on the 1st of February, 1957, Dennis Brown had an early start in reggae music and had produced his first album at the tender age of 12. Starting at the age of nine, the artist had been singing alongside Byron Lee and was so small it was hard for the fans to see him. His break came in 1968 when Studio One noticed him. The young lad recorded No Man Is an Island and If I Follow My Heart in a breathtaking two-day session.

Dennis Brown later went on to release hits after hits in the years that would follow. During his time in the reggae music scene, he had an authentic style which was noticeable on all his albums. He had a silky smooth voice that was like a balm to the ears, and a source of joy for many record producers and executives. He was a prominent part of lovers’ rock, digital, and dancehall tunes.


Dennis Brown later signed with A & M Records in the 1980s and spent many years in London.

During his lifetime, the artist didn’t have a distinctive reggae wear except for his dreads and a hat. He had a successful career spanning over 30 years, and released great albums including Light My Fire, In My Pocket, Cassandra, and many others on about 40 different record labels.

Dennis Brown died on 1, July 1999, and was survived by his wife and 13 children. He was 42 years old and one of the most prolific reggae icons of all time.